Are You Frustrated, Overwhelmed And Confused
About How To Grow Your Photography Business?

Let’s face it…operating a profitable studio today is difficult. You are constantly faced with trying to balance the “creative, fun side” of photography with the more difficult tasks of marketing, pricing, selling and delivering your products so you can earn a good living doing what you love.  Reading financial statements and deciphering “numbers” may not be your thing, however you know you need to do “something” that will help you understand the business side of this profession better.

If the reality of running your photography business is causing you to feel overwhelmed to the point that you want to pull your hair out and crawl under the bed, or worse yet, give it all up…don’t worry.

This is perfectly natural.

You’re not a failure.
You don’t stink at this.
You just need a little help.


Unleash My Studio – Shifting Photographers from Breakeven to Breakthrough!

My name is Douglas Mattice and I have been exactly where you are. I know your frustrations, as I have worked hard for over 25 years in my photography business learning the techniques, principles and skills necessary to have a profitable business. I have reached the point in my life where I want to work with other photographers to up-level their business, so they become empowered to create the lifestyle of their design while serving their passion and purpose. This website is designed to provide you with the knowledge that will help build a solid business foundation that is needed to be successful in today’s competitive economy. By assisting you with the business side of this profession, I know that you will be able to become profitable quicker and more importantly, be able to sustain that profitability for years to come. I wish that I had had access to a resource like this when I was just getting started!  I look forward serving you as you begin to Unleash Your Studio!

On this website, YOU will have access to my blog where you can see articles that will assist you in:

  • Business Planning and Goal Setting

  • Business policies and systems for controlling every aspect of your workflow

  • Attracting loyal, high paying clients

  • Pricing for profit and merchandising secrets

  • Tips for effective telephone techniques that will lead to the caller visiting your studio

  • Productivity and time management tips that will assist in a better overall studio operation

  • Techniques of how to sell photographs and products without being “sales-y”

  • Tracking your income and expenses so you understand how your business is doing today versus waiting until tax time to hear how your business did.

  • And much more…

Is building a successful business worth the cost of you bookmarking this site and learning the skills needed to UNLEASH YOUR STUDIO? You bet it is!

It’s time to take your passion and purpose to the next level and get the support, accountability and skills you need to build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

I am your light in the storm.

End your confusion, get clear on your steps, and watch your business results skyrocket.

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